League of Ghost Seachers

LOGS began in November of 2007 when the three co-founders, Adam, James, and Rory, investigated rumors of paranormal activity in the swamplands near Willow Elementary School, not far from their home in White Bear Lake, having followed a tip from the website Shadowlands. Using a primitive arsenal much smaller than the one they use today, they investigated the swamp, which was said to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy who was murdered on the last day of school sometime in the seventies or eighties. Analysis revealed nothing, but the team was driven onward.

As time went on and the efforts behind the team became more full-time, the arsenal expanded to include more cameras, the K2 meter, and the motion sensor. The team grew as well; occasionally guest investigators would join us, but in the summer of '08, Brian, one of Rory's coworkers, expressed an interest to join us. He officially joined us in the November of the same year, and has been an invaluable help. Lisa, also a co worker of Rory at the time, joined shortly afterwards. This was her first time as a member of a paranormal investigation team. Perhaps others will be unable to resist the temptation to investigate what is beyond the normal.

LOGS, hopefully, will be around a long time. After all, it has a lot of work to do; there is always the eternal search for the truth of what lies beyond life itself.

Here is a link to the October 25th, 2011 article about the team in the White Bear Press



UPDATE: Lisa has moved out of state and will no longer be part of the investigation team. We plan to send her samples of evidence as we collect them. We wish her well in her endevors.

The team:

Rory Bezecny-Founder of L.O.G.S./Head Investigator/ Case Manager

Adam Bezecny- Co Founder and Investigator

James Bezecny- Co Founder and Investigator

Brian Hinn- Investigator


L.O.G.S. equipment and why we use it:



EMF Detectors:

 It is believed that ghosts (and the living for that matter) have an electrical or magnetic field.  We use the EMF detectors to let us know when we are in the presence of these electrical or magnetic fields and to track these fields to more possible evidence of their existence.  An EMF detector will also go off when there is exposed wiring, faulty electrical equipment, and a host of other reasons which is why an EMF detector can not be the only equipment used on an investigation.

Digital Audio Recorders:

 Thomas Edison first reported that one can hear disembodied voices in recordings. Now with the technology of digital recording devices and computer programs designed to amplify and clean up, we are able to hear what ghosts are saying to us.  Often they will answer the questions the investigators are verbally asking throughout the investigations only we most often do not hear them with our own ears.  This is what is known as an EVP (or electronic voice phenomonon).

Video Recorders:

 The Holy Grail of Paranormal Investigations is the actual visual proof of a ghost.  We use video recorders that can work in low light to try and capture visual evidence.


Digital Thermometers:

 There is theory that when a ghost tries to manifest itself it needs to draw energy out of the environment.  Sometimes this occurs through strange cold or hot spots recorded by digital thermometers.  There may be a variance of 20-30 degrees from this specific spot to the rest of the environment. 


Digital Cameras:

Digital cameras offer us the ability to take a flash picture and possibly record evidence of ghosts.  They are nice because you don't have to get the photos developed and you can delete them if you have nothing.  On the other hand by not having actual negatives there is no proof that the photo has not been tampered with.   




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